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Do you offer a layaway plan?  YES! 

Layaway Plan: Our layaway plan for summer allows our customers to come in and be fit for their entire uniform for the next school year.

When we do this fitting, we allow a bit of room in all of the articles of clothing for any growing that will occur over the summer!

There is a low $25 minimum deposit due at the time of the fitting. After this initial deposit, our customers can stop in to make payments on the layaway anytime during regular business hours-  or make a payment via credit/debit card over the phone. 

When the customer has paid off the layaway, we recommend bringing their child whom the layaway is for with them and try all of the clothes on once more to ensure a proper fit for the school year! If the clothing in the layaway is too big or too small, we will swap it out for the correct size at this point. 

Items may be added to or deleted from the layaway at any time! 

This layaway plan is available all year, but is especially helpful for the summer & back-to-school season! Please take advantage of this wonderful plan!

Do you still carry Boy Scouts or Medical Scrubs?

Sorry, we no longer carry Boy Scouts or Scrubs.